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Neofonie WePad: Another iPad Rival?

March 25, 2010


In this world of tablet PCs, it’s not just Apple who will be able to rule the world with the Apple iPad; it looks like this hot trends of tablets isn’t going to die pretty soon, as we mark the emergence of yet another tablet called the ‘WePad‘.

Neofonie WePad

Neofonie WePad

Sounds like a serious Apple iPad rival, doesn’t it? Indeed, ‘Neofonie’ is introducing the WePad as a direct competitor to the Apple iPad, and Adam Tablet PC featuring:

• Fast Internet connectivity,
• Complete world of ready-to-use applications
• WeMagazine ePublishing Eco-System Featuring easy access to books and photos, magazines and newspapers from various publishers, and
• Everything else that Apple iPad promises to deliver

The new WePad will be a German-made unit, which boasts of following specs:


• 11.6″ display (1366×768),
• A faster 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor,
• 1.3MP webcam (perhaps for video chats! – Apple beware!)
• 2-USB sockets,
• Flash card reader,
• Flash/Adobe AIR support
• Integrated WWAN modem,
• GMA3150 graphics
• Bluetooth 2.1
• 16GB of NAND Flash and optional 32GB Card
• Wi-Fi
• WePad AppStore (can you sense the rivalry?)
• A powerful battery with 6-hours backup

Neofonie claims that their tablet larger and far more capable than the Adam Tablet PC, and Apple‘s iPad!

The new WePad also features ambient light & motion sensor, optional GPS, and an internal microfan to kick some serious asses (iPad is on TOP of the list!)

And, above all, the new Neofonie WePad is built on the robust Android is OS, and this expansive display will allow a lot more action to be shown on-screen.

However, there’s no update on pricing or availability yet! Is there anybody out there who feels WePad can match up with the iPad?



Running Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 & Windows Vista

March 11, 2010


Running Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 can be a daunting task, because it is not available on Windows 7 by default, just like it has been available on Windows XP, and Windows Vista; here’s a guide to run Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

Microsoft recommends downloading the latest Windows Live Suite, which includes Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM) for Windows 7.
Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Experienced users will want to continue with what they’ve become accustomed to, but Microsoft has turned deaf regarding requests for integrating Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7.

Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7

Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7

However, it is noteworthy that special Vista edition MM2.6 is found to download, install, and work perfectly fine for Windows 7 Operating System as well.

Importing Videos With Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7

Apart from latest version of Windows Movie Maker, the Windows Live Suite also presents you with a video import wizard for connecting Digital Camcorder or mini-DV via firewire.

More so, MM1 and MM2.1 can also capture video in Windows 7 from my mini-DV camcorder via firewire.

Imported video clips can be found in Windows Live Photo Gallery or inserted into collections of the classic versions of the Windows Movie Maker.

Running Multiple Versions of Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Basically installing Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista is pretty much straightforward, and we’ve seen what it takes to actually run Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7 Operating System.

However, it is even possible to run multiple versions of Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 too.

Making Video Clips from Still Pictures in Windows Movie Maker

For creating neat Ken Burns style video clips from still pictures, Photo Story 3 is probably one of the best bets. Initially, it was developed for XP, and then the trend continued for Windows Vista and finally Windows 7.

Video clips created from these pictures can be even used in Windows Live Movie Maker or classic Movie Maker projects.


Note: You may have problems in installing Photo Story 3 on the final Windows 7 release copy. However, Microsoft has tweaked around to fix this issue.

In a Nutshell

Windows Movie Maker has been one of the hot favorites amongst the digital video editing apps. Running Microsoft Windows Movie Maker in Windows 7 may not be pretty easy, and there are a number of other software available for the advanced level users.