Samsung Galaxy S III Becomes the World’s Most Popular Smartphone for Q3

November 8, 2012


As per the latest survey, Samsung Galaxy S III has been found to be world’s top-selling smartphone during third quarter of 2012. The vast distribution network of Samsung and the subsidies offered by the company are considered to be the main reasons behind its success.
samsung galaxy siii vs iphone 5

Sales of 18 million Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones had been recorded during July-September period, while The number of iPhone 4S models sold during this period was 16.2 million, as per the data released by Strategy Analytics. However, the total iPhone shipments including that of iPhone 5, stood out at 22.2 million over the last three months.

Thus, these three devices rule the global smartphone market with a combined sale of 24%. This is a great win by Samsung and Apple together although it is obvious that the two companies will never even join together to celebrate the occasion. There are issues between these two companies which are going on in the courtrooms and it is well known that Apple is avoiding use of Samsung component in its products.

These issues have created a positive vibe for Samsung. The sale of Galaxy S III suddenly picked up right after it was called a copy of iPhone by Apple. However, considering the steeply growing interest of smartphone buyers in iPhone 5 the Strategy Analytics firmly believes that Apple will regain the top position in sales of smartphone in Q4.

According to the executive director Neil Mawston, iPhone 5 has had a very solid start in Q3. He further predicted that Apple iPhone will soon again become the most popular smartphone. In September also Galaxy S III had better sales than iPhone 4S and was declared the bestselling smartphone in the US. But in the field of web usage, the iPhone users have been found more active than the Samsung smartphone owners.

The anticipation of the launch of iPhone 5 in Q3 was also a factor in the loss of sale of iPhone 4S.

It’s not about Android vs. iOS here, but rather about Samsung vs. Apple; and the saga pretty much continues, so it’d be interesting to see the stats for November, and Q4 as a whole.


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