Is Galaxy Note 3 Worth Your Money?

May 17, 2014


With all the hype about the Galaxy gear, and the latest features in Note 3, Samsung has come out all guns blazing trying to promote its new flagship product, the Galaxy Note 3. But, if you already own Galaxy Note 1 or 2, is it a worthy upgrade? Well, it depends upon a number of factors.
I had been using Galaxy Note 1 for over 24 months, and waiting for a worthy upgrade, and for past few weeks, it was behaving little weird, I had lost my stylus, and the battery had deteriorated, no wonder my eyes were on Sony Xperia Ultra and Z1 right from the word go, but three things totally turned me off -
1. Lack of Screenshot and Stylus option
2. Moulded design, which means you can’t replace the battery
3. Annoyingly expensive screen – if you drop it, then you can kiss good-bye to 25k INR in India! (ouch – take that!)
4. No flash in Xperia Ultra.

Though the massive screen is fascinating, and so are its killer looks, I primarily use my phone as a business phone on-the-move and heavily use stylus, and use pie charts, screenshots, and stuff, and in couple of minutes I knew that Xperia wasn’t for me. Additionally, I’ve already got my good old Sony Xperia X10i, and except the sexy design, and 20 MP camera, I couldn’t find anything worth shelling 40k+. So, if you prefer utility over looks, and camera, then Xperia Ultra/Z1 isn’t for you!

I saw Nokia Lumia 925, Blackberry Z10, and HTC One X as well as Butterfly, and quickly realized that probably all of them are sinking ships, and I don’t even know if these companies would continue manufacturing smartphones 2-3 years down the line in Indian markets.

Additionally, I am habituated to Android, and Samsung phones in particular now, so I was in no mood to move to something totally different altogether. In the end, it was a fairly simple decision to choose it over rest of the 40k+ phones, and I exchanged by Note 1 for Rs 11,000, bringing down my net cost to under 40k mark!

Noteworthy Features

Samsung has enhanced the included Gallery application with the ability to create a video clip, and
- 13 megapixel camera with LED flash
- Air View and Air Gesture option
- NFC, and all kinds of connectivity.

So, Galaxy Note 3 is indeed worth your money if you need a business phone with all the sophisticated features, stylus, and such stuff, but if you’re upgrading from Note 1/2 to Note 3, you won’t really feel the difference unless you plan on using Air View, and NFC connectivity to hook up a smartphone watch etc. If you don’t have a Note 2 yet, then it may not be a bad pick either!

And, oh by the way, Samsung isn’t giving any flip covers for Galaxy Note 3, so you’ll have to order one for yourself too!

If you’re ordering online in India, you may want to look at FlipKart’s exclusive offers, and enticing discount/exchange deals this festive season.

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