4 Quick Ways to Speed Up Firefox

February 8, 2013

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One of the popular web browsers throughout the world and a browser that gives Internet Explorer a run for its money is Mozilla Firefox. Although FF is a great browser, it can be tag sluggish in terms of performance on several occasions.
ways to speed up Firefox
Being aware of few quick ways to speed up Firefox, will allow you to enjoy an excellent Firefox browsing experience every single time.

Clear the Cache Regularly

The best way is to clear your cache manually on a regular basis. Click on the option ‘Tools’ on the upper side of your screen and select ‘Clear Private Data’. Then, move to ‘Settings’ and decrease your cache’s size to around 50 MB. This will certainly aid to improve the speed of Firefox, and it’s one of the popular ways that can be used on a regular basis. Consider clearing the cache on a weekly basis.

Clear the Registry Entries

Your computer’s central database is the registry since it comprises of all essential details for the PC to work, including the ones for your web browser. So, processes and files related to Firefox are also stored here. After a while, these files tend to get corrupted due to the obsolete and redundant registry entries. In turn, this congests the registry, thus slowing down Firefox. So, installing a registry cleaner can assist to clean up that spam taking space in the registry.

Remove Plug-Ins and Toolbars

Certainly, these make your web browsing easier, but when Firefox is overloaded with such add-ons, it will tend to run slower. Avoid loading every toolbar that you come across before assessing if you really need them. Such toolbars may seem to be good because they give you easy access to several features that browsing needs, but Firefox’s own toolbar is more than enough. So, it is advisable to get rid of these features, particularly if you hardly use them.


Pipelining is an easy and quick way to speed up Firefox, but most of you would not have heard of this unless you are a tech geek. In Firefox’s search bar, type ‘about:config’ and press enter. You will find several entries popping up.

Find where the phrases ‘network proxy pipelining’ and ‘network pipelining’ are displayed. You will find value indicated on the matrix’s right hand side. Right click on these values and modify them to 10. This is also a highly effective way to speed up Firefox.

These four ways of improving the speed of Firefox will aid in making it the web browser of your preference.

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